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The Morning Brew #2346

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 5/22 10:24P Chris Alcock
Information Introducing XAML Standard and .NET Standard 2.0 Windows Apps Team Free ebook: .NET Microservices: Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications Kim Spilker An...

How to Structure Your React Project

ASP.net 5/22 8:04P Dave Ceddia
When you first run create-react-app, you’ll end up with a folder like this: All of the code you write will live under the src folder. You can organize into subfolders as you...

String Handling Tips

ASP.net 5/22 7:13P Paul D. Sheriff
When working with strings, you should take advantage of certain classes and methods to avoid performance and memory problems. A key item to remember about .NET string is that...

Visual Studio 2017 – Exception Helper

ASP.net 5/22 6:43P Kamran Bilgrami
A quick tip on how the new Exception Helper feature in Visual Studio 2017 can make your debugging experience a little quicker.

Converting Html to Pdf using C# and magic!

ASP.net 5/22 4:47P Gordon Beeming (RSA)
Everyone at some point needs to convert and html page into a PDF for some reason or another. For this I've always used a component which was cheap at the time (and is far from...

Wexflow: Open source workflow engine in C#

ASP.net 5/21 11:20P Akram El Assas
An open source extensible workflow engine written in C# with a cross platform manager app that works on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

The Morning Brew #2345

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 5/21 9:36P Chris Alcock
Information Adding a new Bytecode Instruction to the CLR Matt Warren Exploring the preconfigured browser-based Linux Cloud Shell built into the Azure Portal Scott Hanselman...

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