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The Morning Brew #2371

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 6/27 8:51P Chris Alcock
Software Announcing TypeScript 2.4 Daniel Rosenwasser .NET Framework June 2017 Cumulative Quality Update for Windows 10 Rich Lander Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension June...
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3D Face Viewer 6/27 3:39P Yang Kok Wah
A tool to generate face images and animated gif files for different angles and lighting using only a single face image

Madcap Idea Part 6: Static Screen Design 6/27 10:07A Sacha Barber
Last time we looked at setting up the react router, which used some dummy screens. This time we will actually be implementing the static screen designs.

Verify Oracle Client Installation 6/27 6:12A WernfriedD
Single .exe to verify if your Oracle Client is properly installed and working. Verify supported technologies for Oracle connection.

A Form Generator for Android 6/27 5:58A Member 4206974
Form generator is a class module written in Basic4Android (B4A) for build and handle forms data.

Minify CSS and JS Files through PowerShell Scripts 6/27 3:10A nirman b doshi
The scripts provided with this article may help in cases when you need to minify JS and CSS files during the build process (for example, when you can't use MVC's...

Identifying Resources and URI design. 6/27 2:21A Pradeep Loganathan
Identifying Resources The key parts of a Resource oriented architecture are resources, identifiers, representations and the links between them.Designing a RESTful system...

Cheat to Win: Learn React with Copywork 6/26 7:37P Dave Ceddia
So you’ve built a few TODO apps. Ok, a lot of TODO apps. After the 35th one you’ve started to wonder if React can even do anything else. What’s the “next level” in terms of...

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