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The Morning Brew #2282

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 2/16 9:22P Chris Alcock
Information Running ASP.NET Core applications in Azure App Service Adrian Hall Logging To Application Insights In Azure Functions Tim Murphy ASP.NET Core Logging: What still...

Angular2 Bootstrap DatePicker Tutorial

.NET Curry 2/16 12:00P Mahesh Sabnis
This Angular 2 DatePicker tutorial shows how to use the DatePicker UI element from the Angular 2 bootstrap project.

The Morning Brew #2281

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 2/15 9:09P Chris Alcock
Software Storyteller 4.0 is Out! Jeremy D Miller Announcing UWP Community Toolkit 1.3 David Catuhe and Giorgio Sardo Rider EAP 17: NuGet, unit testing, good and bad news on...

The Morning Brew #2280

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 2/14 9:38P Chris Alcock
Information Building Single Page Applications on ASP.NET Core with JavaScriptServices Jeffrey T. Fritz dotnet new angular and dotnet new react Scott Hanselman ASP.NET Core...

The Morning Brew #2279

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 2/13 9:33P Chris Alcock
Software Happy 15th Birthday .NET! Beth Massi TFS 2017 Update 1 RC2 Brian Harry ScriptCS Release v0.17.0 Glen Block Introducing Haskelly Haskell extension for Visual Studio...

Video Rendering Issues in WPF

Rick Strahl 2/13 12:57P Rick Strahl
Over the last half a year I've had a couple of Github Issues coming into Markdown Monster for some odd rendering issues when it starts. Basically Markdown Monster would come up with a black screen,...

ASP.NET Core CSRF defence with Antiforgery

.NET Curry 2/13 12:00P Daniel Jimenez Garcia
ASP.Net Core contains an Antiforgery package that can be used to secure your application against CSRF. This article will demonstrate how to use Antiforgery in your ASP.NET...

On .NET and Other Things

you've been HAACKED 2/13 12:00P Phil Haack
Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of .NET’s debut to the world. And Visual Studio was first released twenty years ago! In a recent episode of On .NET , I went to the Channel...

The Morning Brew #2278

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 2/12 9:29P Chris Alcock
Software Universal Windows Platform (UWP) docs are now on Martin Ekuan Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform Part 4: Together, in the Open Pratap...

Empty SoapActions in ASMX Web Services

Rick Strahl 2/12 7:12A Rick Strahl
I still deal with a lot of customers who need to interact with old school SOAP services. Recently I worked with a customer who needed to implement a SOAP Service based on an existing WSDL...

The Morning Brew #2277

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 2/9 9:25P Chris Alcock
Software Join Us: Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event and 20th Anniversary Julia Liuson Telerik UI for UWP Now Open Source and Available in GitHub Dobrin Grancharov Azure...

The Morning Brew #2276

Morning Brew by Chris Alcock 2/8 9:12P Chris Alcock
Software Marten 1.3 is Out: Bugfixes, Usability Improvements, and a lot less Memory Usage Jeremy D Miller Our team has acquired the extension, Wiki by Agile Extensions, and...

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