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Best Text Editor Component for .NET WPF Developers 9/3 9:55A Steve Naidamast
Overview of The Solutions Available… For those software professionals creating desktop applications for distribution and\or sale there situations where there is a requirement...

Dock panel for Angular.js 9/3 9:53A Ivan Krivyakov
It sounds unbelievable, but modern HTML applications seem to lack proper support for dock panels. So, I created one for Angular.js. See the code in Plunker My solution is...

How to Identify and Make Contributions with a Big Impact

The Effective Engineer 9/2 9:00P Edmond Lau
Every day, we deal with many issues that demand our time: meetings, emails, phone calls, bug fixes, pager duty alerts, the next deadline. We all want to make a meaningful impact in our careers, but...

13 steps to make TDD actually work 9/2 7:30P Bobby Lough
Why TDD doesn't work for you?This is one of those situations where being brutally with yourself will help.  Test Driven Development (TDD) does not work because you are not...

How to Select All Text in a TextBox on focus? 9/2 3:46P Tadit Dash (????? ????? ???)
Introduction This is small tip, yet very useful when you want to select all text inside a TextBox. Background This was a requirement for which I researched a lot and tested on...

AngularJS RibbonBar 9/2 8:05A Bert O Neill
AngularJS RibbonBar written with HTML & CSS (and a little JQuery)

Asm.js and WebGL for Unity and Unreal Engine 9/2 7:33A Dave_Voyles
With the advent of WebGL and asm.js, developers can now harness much of the power of their computing device from within the browser and access markets previously unavailable.

Announcing West Wind Web Surge 1.0

Rick Strahl 9/2 7:22A Rick Strahl
About a year ago I introduced an easy to use URL and load testing tool called West Wind WebSurge. I created this tool out of a sense of frustration with existing stress testing tools that are either...

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