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Double Shot #1809

A Fresh Cup 2/17 1:09A Mike Gunderloy
Brilliant Jerks Cost More Than They Are Worth - Yes, yes they do. The Biggest and Weirdest Commits in Linux Kernel Git History - Git problems that I am glad I do not have....

Double Shot #1808

A Fresh Cup 2/13 10:12P Mike Gunderloy
Investment Time - Why ThoughtBot only works for clients four days each week. Opening Up Our Internal Handbook - Some guidance for small tech companies from MeetEdgar. Always...

Double Shot #1807

A Fresh Cup 2/13 2:39A Mike Gunderloy
Integrate Rubocop gem with Popular Ruby Text Editors - Just in case you'd like to speed up the nagging loop. Introducing Docker Secrets Management - Easy security is better...

Double Shot #1806

A Fresh Cup 2/9 2:06A Mike Gunderloy
pg-logical-backup-test - Test your backups! Via Docker in this case. Introducing Keybase Chat - A new take on end-to-end encrypted chat. How to gain more visiblity into your...

Double Shot #1805

A Fresh Cup 2/8 1:22A Mike Gunderloy
Inform and Act - GitHub is actually trying to do something to promote their own ideals on travel and immigration. Kudos to them, and if this area concerns you too, don't just...

Double Shot #1804

A Fresh Cup 2/7 12:54A Mike Gunderloy
Trunk Based Development - An extended argument and manual for a particular style of source code management in a team. Awesome NLP with Ruby - A curated list of resources for...

Double Shot #1803

A Fresh Cup 2/5 10:09P Mike Gunderloy
Unseen Open Source Infrastructure - The unsung hero projects of GitHub, depended on by many and starred by few. What it Takes to Truly Delete Data - Answer: a lot of effort...

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