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Double Shot #1406

A Fresh Cup

ZeroTier - Create your own virtual switched network out of peer-to-peer connections. Mirah - Where Java Meets Ruby - An attempt to build a less enterprisey version of Java...

Double Shot #1405

A Fresh Cup

PutsReq - Tool for recording HTTP requests and simulating responses. slap - Sublime Text clone for terminal editing. Sort of. Paperdragon: Explicit Image Processing -...

Double Shot #1404

A Fresh Cup

web-console - The readme for one of the new features coming down the pike in Rails 4.2. GITenberg - Project Gutenberg meets GitHub. The Lesser-known Features in Rails 4.2 -...

Double Shot #1403

A Fresh Cup

Vedeu - Ruby terminal application framework for OS X that doesn't depend on ncurses. Fearless Rails Deployment - New ebook that covers stuff like Vagrant, RVM, Capistrano,...

Double Shot #1402

A Fresh Cup

Time to get hacking - Introducing Rec Room - A node.js based framework for Web applications from Mozilla. Lime Text - Open source clone of Sublime Text built in Go. Rails...

Double Shot #1401

A Fresh Cup

The Complete iOS 7 Course - Used to be $499, now free. Of course they'd still like to sell you an iOS 8/Swift course. scraperjs - A Javascript web scraper. Rails 4.0.9 and...

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