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Double Shot #1546

A Fresh Cup 8/27 1:40A Mike Gunderloy
Lita - Chatbot written in Ruby. I don't like to regret things, but boy does this make the time I spent farting around in the Hubot source look entirely wasted. How to run a...

Double Shot #1545

A Fresh Cup 8/26 3:07A Mike Gunderloy
What's New in Bootstrap 4 - Lots. The Power of Power Cycling - In the bad old days when I was in customer support, we used to joke that 90% of the problems we got calls for...

Double Shot #1544

A Fresh Cup 8/25 12:45A Mike Gunderloy
Why I'm opposed to Codes of Conduct: I fear a race to be holier than thou, a world where everyone who does not stay perfectly aligned with a party line set by the most...

Double Shot #1543

A Fresh Cup 8/24 1:36A Mike Gunderloy
Rails Contributor Code of Conduct - I just want to make it 100% crystal clear that I do not represent the Rails project or its community. As far as I'm concerned, this whole...

Double Shot #1542

A Fresh Cup 8/19 1:36A Mike Gunderloy
Test Load Balancer (TLB) - Tool to break up your tests so you can run them in parallel. Introduction to Roda - Try a non-Rails ruby web framework.

Double Shot #1541

A Fresh Cup 8/18 1:02A Mike Gunderloy
Lists - This business of lists of lists of lists of resources is getting out of hand. The Definitive Guide for the Perfect Daily Standup [with 9 actionable tips] - I'm not...

Double Shot #1540

A Fresh Cup 8/17 1:25A Mike Gunderloy
Rails 4.2.4.rc1 and 4.1.13.rc1 have been released! - Another little version bump for your updating pleasure. Stronger Shell - I keep telling myself that some day I'll get...

Double Shot #1539

A Fresh Cup 8/14 2:40A Mike Gunderloy
Versatil Markdown - Desktop Markdown hyper notebook app with 1Password integration, $9.99 in the App Store. Announcing Docker Toolbox - All-in-one installer for various Docker...

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