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test md1

SKORKS 7/5 2:10A Alan Skorkin
def hello puts world end

Double Shot #1522

A Fresh Cup 7/3 1:25A Mike Gunderloy
Protector - Ruby gem with a DSL for field-level security in your models. Beyond Upsert - Coming in PostgreSQL 9.5 - A look at some significant new features in the next...

Double Shot #1521

A Fresh Cup 7/2 1:17A Mike Gunderloy
Endless - iOS Web browser that emphasizes security and privacy. Liberation Week - Free replacement screws for those bonehead Apple pentahead things on your iPhone. (Well, for...

Double Shot #1520

A Fresh Cup 7/1 12:44A Mike Gunderloy
Safari is the new IE - Given that Apple is increasingly the new Microsoft, this is not very surprising. gkv - A wrapper for git that turns it into a key-value store. Probably...

Double Shot #1519

A Fresh Cup 6/30 12:50A Mike Gunderloy
UI Testing in Xcode 7 - I really need to look into this, even though I have grown to detest Xcode (and coding for Apple in general, for that matter). Opal Playground - Like...

Double Shot #1518

A Fresh Cup 6/29 1:02A Mike Gunderloy
Squib - Ruby DSL for designing card games. Bitnami Container Images for Docker - Now in Beta - Another option for Dockerizing your setup, from an outfit that has long...

Double Shot #1517

A Fresh Cup 6/25 1:14A Mike Gunderloy
Provisioning a Server using Sunzi - A simpler alternative to Puppet or Chef. Strategy before details: Keep up with Rails security - A new ebook is coming to help; free until...

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