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Double Shot #1480

A Fresh Cup 2/25 2:30A Mike Gunderloy
Traveler - Gem to simplify building self-contained apps with Traveling Ruby. Ruby Heroes - Annual nominations for influential Ruby developers is open. Support for Ruby 1.9.3...

Double Shot #1479

A Fresh Cup 2/24 2:51A Mike Gunderloy
Mastering git submodules - An extensive look on when and how to use these troublesome beasts. Rails 4.2.1.rc1 and 4.1.10.rc1 have been released! - So they have, and release...

Double Shot #1478

A Fresh Cup 2/23 5:39A Mike Gunderloy
gist-compile - Organize your Github Gists into a pretty website of code snippets. Gem of the Week - rails-erd gem - Part of an ongoing series, this one generates...

Double Shot #1477

A Fresh Cup 2/20 12:31A Mike Gunderloy
Gulp on Rails: Replacing the Asset Pipeline - If the asset pipeline has you frustrated, you might want to look into this alternative. Though moving away from the Rails...

Double Shot #1476

A Fresh Cup 2/19 12:58A Mike Gunderloy
Codeship - Commercial continuous integration service with parallel test pipelines available. Sonny.js - Small framework for single-page web sites with nested templates and an...

Double Shot #1475

A Fresh Cup 2/18 3:43A Mike Gunderloy
Creating a Remote Development Machine - How to move everything to the cloud including your development tools. Docker 1.5: IPv6 Support, Read-Only Containers, Stats, "Named...

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