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Double Shot #1852

A Fresh Cup 5/23 12:36A Mike Gunderloy
I'm still looking for my next job. 10 years experience in Rails, way more than that in software development, team lead and manager for teams of 2 to 50, immediately available....

Double Shot #1851

A Fresh Cup 5/21 11:08P Mike Gunderloy
Bootsnap: Optimizing Ruby App Boot Time - Some interesting work from Shopify to make their Rails monolith spin up faster in development. And it looks dirt-simple to try on...

Double Shot #1850

A Fresh Cup 5/17 3:58A Mike Gunderloy
Announcing Git Integration for Atom and GitHub Desktop Beta - A bunch more integration work from GitHub, including going all-in on Electron. RailsConf 2017 - If you didn't go,...

Double Shot #1849

A Fresh Cup 5/17 3:57A Mike Gunderloy
Why Use Postgres - A classic post updated with stuff from the past five years of development. Obnoxious.css - "Animations for the strong of heart, and weak of mind."...

Double Shot #1848

A Fresh Cup 5/16 11:52P Mike Gunderloy
dry-view 0.3.0: another step towards solving the view layer mess - While I respect people who are hunting for a better Rails architecture, I've seen more projects ruined by...

Double Shot #1847

A Fresh Cup 5/16 1:20A Mike Gunderloy
REST Anti-Patterns - Arguments about what is and is not REST are right up there with arguing about "best" editors. Still, there are some things that make it harder to...

Double Shot #1846

A Fresh Cup 5/15 1:00A Mike Gunderloy
Git 2.13 has been released - Probably worth upgrading if only to get the SHA-1 collision detection built-in. CockroachDB 1.0 is Production-Ready - A milestone release for this...

Double Shot #1845

A Fresh Cup 5/12 12:05A Mike Gunderloy
Introducing Stack Overflow Trends - A new way to play the "my programming language is better than yours" game. (Ruby is still comfortably ahead of Elixir by the way). Das...

Double Shot #1844

A Fresh Cup 5/11 12:21A Mike Gunderloy
Announcing SyntaxNet: The World's Most Accurate Parser Goes Open Source - Usually things like NLU are off my radar, but how can you ignore "Parsey McParseface"? Security...

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