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Double Shot #1436

A Fresh Cup

Scribble - Templating language similar to Liquid, designed to be safe to use with customer-provided templates. Speed up JavaScript Capybara Specs by Blacklisting URLs - Do you...

Double Shot #1435

A Fresh Cup

Maxitest - Minitest with extras like around blocks, red-green output, and running by line number. Sablon - Document template processor to create Word docx files from ruby...

Double Shot #1434

A Fresh Cup

ru - Gem to allow you to use Ruby at the command line. Curly - Template language that depends on encapsulating all logic in presenters. SimonSays! - Role-based access control...

Double Shot #1433

A Fresh Cup

Material UI - Combo of React components and a Less CSS framework to implement Google's Material Design ideas, just in case you're note enough on the bleeding edge yet. Hound -...

Double Shot #1432

A Fresh Cup

Firefox Developer Edition - A new build of Firefox, roughly equivalent to the old Aurora builds but with the developer tools front and center. SlimerJS - An (almost) headless...

Double Shot #1431

A Fresh Cup

Fig 1.0 - The first and last major release of Docker's development orchestration tool (last because it's set to merge into Docker itself). This is how we ZenPayroll: Our...

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