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Double Shot #1596

A Fresh Cup 11/30 11:46P Mike Gunderloy
Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame - Sure are a lot of 'em these days. React Indie Bundle - I'm starting to think React might be the next thing to...

Double Shot #1595

A Fresh Cup 11/29 10:50P Mike Gunderloy
GitPrint - Automatically turn GitHub MarkDown into nicely formatted PDFs. AutoAnimations - JavaScript to animate DOM changes without needing to add more code. iOS continuous...

Double Shot #1594

A Fresh Cup 11/27 12:47A Mike Gunderloy
Free Pascal Compiler Version 3.0.0 - Life was much simpler when I was writing Pascal. Maybe I should go back. Our Engineering Team's Best Practices - Some big-picture thoughts...

Double Shot #1593

A Fresh Cup 11/26 12:42A Mike Gunderloy
Integrating Carina with Your Continuous Integration Pipeline - Playing around with Rackspace's support for Docker. Happier Rails Development with Polo - Using a tool to get a...

Double Shot #1592

A Fresh Cup 11/25 12:16A Mike Gunderloy
Test-Driven Development is Stupid - An amusing rant, though I suspect there's some baby in with that bathwater. Statusgator - Status page monitoring as a service....

Double Shot #1591

A Fresh Cup 11/24 12:13A Mike Gunderloy
Adnauseum -- A new front in the online ad wars, defeating tracking by installing a Firefox addon to click every link without you seeing it. You Should try FreeBSD! - Yeah,...

Double Shot #1590

A Fresh Cup 11/23 12:04A Mike Gunderloy
LaunchDarkly - Show different features to different groups of users with this free-to-try service. Minitest-ok - Minimalist syntax for minitest. How to Deploy All Day yet...

Double Shot #1589

A Fresh Cup 11/20 12:07A Mike Gunderloy
This week in Rails - All the new stuff from the week's development including new minor releases in the 4.1 and 4.2 series. Brakeman Pro 1.0 is Available - Commercial Rails...

Double Shot #1588

A Fresh Cup 11/19 12:06A Mike Gunderloy
Nanobox - Magic layer to make Vagrant + Docker just work by detecting and installing all your app's dependencies. Sidekiq 4.0! - A major optimization release of this solid...

Double Shot #1587

A Fresh Cup 11/17 11:49P Mike Gunderloy
Dockercraft - A Docker client that runs in Minecraft. This is what happens when developers have too much time on their hands. Open Source Work - A major contributor to the...

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