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Double Shot #1830

A Fresh Cup 3/29 12:52A Mike Gunderloy
Tell Me When It Closes - New GitHub monitoring service from Thoughtbot, designed to minimize your email when you only care about an issue's resolution. Amazon Connect - Even...

Double Shot #1829

A Fresh Cup 3/27 10:43P Mike Gunderloy
Marta - Two-panel file manager for macOS to handle all your nostalgia needs. Balanced Employee IP Agreement - GitHub is doing its part to fight the notion that your employer...

Double Shot #1828

A Fresh Cup 3/26 11:55P Mike Gunderloy
Ruby 2.4.1 Released - Guess it might be time to actually install this somewhere. GitLab 9.0 Released with Subgroups and Deploy Boards - Just another reminder that GitHub is...

Double Shot #1827

A Fresh Cup 3/24 2:27A Mike Gunderloy
Tunnels - HTTPS to HTTP proxy, which makes testing your HTTPS code in development a bit simpler. Invoker - Replacement for Pow with Procfile support and built-in HTTPS...

Double Shot #1826

A Fresh Cup 3/22 12:03A Mike Gunderloy
Google Data Studio - New tool for building pretty interactive reports on the web. Netlify CMS - Git-backed CMS built in React.js. Pijul - New version control system written in...

Double Shot #1825

A Fresh Cup 3/17 11:59P Mike Gunderloy
Improve the Bus Factor - Target your open source work by finding much-used libraries with few maintainers. Ruby Heroes Farewell - Frankly, I think this is overdue. As Olivier...

Double Shot #1824

A Fresh Cup 3/17 2:40A Mike Gunderloy
Mp> Your favorite languages, now on Google App Engine - Including Node.js and ruby. Google Spreadsheets and Ruby - I might need this, given that I'm dealing with a lot of...

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