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Double Shot #1746

A Fresh Cup 9/28 12:32A Mike Gunderloy
Elixir Radar - Elixir resources, curated by Plataformatec. Sublime RuboCop - Just in case you'd like to be nagged about code style right inside your editor. SourceClear - High...
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Double Shot #1745

A Fresh Cup 9/27 12:02A Mike Gunderloy
Elixir Maintainability - Tools for documentation, code analysis, and code coverage. PageletRails - Split your web page into multiple sections, each with its own controller and...

Double Shot #1744

A Fresh Cup 9/26 1:37A Mike Gunderloy
Programs that rewrite Ruby programs - Some ruminations on tools that already update code automatically or that might do so in the future. Ruby Code in Elixir project - A...

Double Shot #1743

A Fresh Cup 9/22 11:59P Mike Gunderloy
Homebrew 1.0.0 - A major version release after 7 years of work. Congrats on building a piece of software that actually just works (as opposed to some of the crap Apple is...

Double Shot #1742

A Fresh Cup 9/22 12:12A Mike Gunderloy
TLAW - The Last API Wrapper - An attempt at a generic ruby gem wrapper for get-only APIs. Top Ten Static Website Generators - Any such list will be opinionated and partial,...

Double Shot #1741

A Fresh Cup 9/21 12:23A Mike Gunderloy
BedquiltDB - JSON document store built on top of PostgreSQL. CloudHero - "Secure Container as a Service". No pricing yet, but you can get a free docker cluster to play with...

Double Shot #1739

A Fresh Cup 9/19 12:50A Mike Gunderloy
Brakeman Pro Engine is Here! - The rubygem version of Brakeman Pro, suitable for interfacing into Minitest or RSpec, or into a CI process. Old Geek Jobs - New job board for...

Double Shot #1738

A Fresh Cup 9/16 12:31A Mike Gunderloy
Raxx - An Elixir web interface drawing on Ruby rack and Clojure ring for inspiration. Varnish Cache 5.0 - New release of this caching HTTP reverse proxy. Note that they're...

Double Shot #1737

A Fresh Cup 9/15 1:07A Mike Gunderloy
A whole new GitHub Universe - Looks like GitHub is getting into project management now, as part of their continued drive to own the entire development process. Introducing...

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