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Double Shot #1562

A Fresh Cup 10/8 2:27A Mike Gunderloy
Ludicrously Fast Page Loads - A Guide for Full-Stack Devs - To speed things up, you need to eventually understand what the heck the browser is doing. Cross-Site Request...

Double Shot #1561

A Fresh Cup 10/5 1:24A Mike Gunderloy
ttnt - Experimental testing library to find and run only the tests affected by particular code commits. AnyLogin - User impersonation gem for developers that integrates with...

Double Shot #1560

A Fresh Cup 10/2 12:47A Mike Gunderloy
Do not let your CDN betray you: Use Subresource Integrity - Something else I probably should look into during my copious spare time. Classic Bug Reports - Jokes, detective...

Double Shot #1559

A Fresh Cup 10/1 1:13A Mike Gunderloy
Upgrade to El Capitan, with Homebrew & Ruby and El Capitan & Homebrew - Apple continues to get more developer-hostile all the time. It's taken me a long time to reach this...

Double Shot #1558

A Fresh Cup 9/30 1:40A Mike Gunderloy
Ultimate Guide for Logging - Crowdsourced resource hosted by Loggly but with info on a bunch of different tools. Gitcolony - Hosted or on-premises git solution with an...

Double Shot #1557

A Fresh Cup 9/29 1:27A Mike Gunderloy
Nomad and Otto - New resource manager/scheduler and orchestration tool from Hashicorp. chasing the shiny and new - Thoughts on the trend in developers of always needing to be...

Double Shot #1556

A Fresh Cup 9/28 1:05A Mike Gunderloy
Zulip - Open source group chat from Dropbox. webXray - Run-it-yourself analyzer to see which web pages are pinging which trackers. What's new in Rails 5? - Another rundown on...

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