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Double Shot #1679

A Fresh Cup 5/5 3:49A Mike Gunderloy - "Collecting All Cheat Sheets". After a Year of Using NodeJS in Production - A tale of frustration and suckage. Seed Dump - Build your Rails seeds.rb file from...

Double Shot #1678

A Fresh Cup 5/4 1:26A Mike Gunderloy
Gem Dependency Issues with Rails 5 Beta - The joy of dependency management. A good reminder that it's easier to upgrade if you wait. Container-Ready Rails 5 - On the other...

Double Shot #1677

A Fresh Cup 5/2 3:14A Mike Gunderloy
10 SQL Tricks That You Didn't Think Were Possible - If you go back far enough you already think everything can be done in SQL, but still a good list of techniques. Rails...

Double Shot #1676

A Fresh Cup 4/27 7:58A Mike Gunderloy
Using Bumbler to reduce runtime dependencies - Get a handle on which gems in your Rails project take the longest to load. Ruby 2.3.1 Released - With a batch of bugfixes....

Double Shot #1675

A Fresh Cup 4/26 1:30A Mike Gunderloy
Homebrew's Anonymous Aggregate User Behavior Analytics - I wish it were opt-in instead of opt-out, but Homebrew appears to actually be doing a pretty good job of implementing...

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