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Double Shot #1494

A Fresh Cup 3/26 5:41A Mike Gunderloy
device_detector - Fast user agent parser with an extensive database. A Social Network in Rails: Activity Feed - Using the public_activity gem. Document an API with Paw -...

Double Shot #1493

A Fresh Cup 3/25 2:32A Mike Gunderloy
Docker, Rails & Docker Compose together in your development workflow - See how to use Docker Compose (the successor to fig). Debride gets Whitelisting - A nice improvement to...

Double Shot #1492

A Fresh Cup 3/24 4:55A Mike Gunderloy
Docker in Practice - A Guide for Engineers - Book-in-progress from Manning. GemUpdater - Combines updating your installed gems with retrieving links to changelogs so you can...

Double Shot #1491

A Fresh Cup 3/20 2:00A Mike Gunderloy
Rails 4.2.1 and 4.1.10 have been released! - The next round of stable branch updates are out. Life Beyond Rails 2: A Second Look at Alternate Web Frameworks for Ruby - A look...

Double Shot #1490

A Fresh Cup 3/18 1:32A Mike Gunderloy
Tiny Docker Operating Systems - A quick look at Boot2Docker and RancherOS. Carrierwave-iOS in Open Source: Easier File Networking - New bits to handle moving assets on to iOS...

Double Shot #1489

A Fresh Cup 3/17 4:55A Mike Gunderloy
ColorPoundSpecReporter - Colorized spec output for your Minitest use. Using Named Pipes and Process Substitution - A dive into some of Unix that I knew next to nothing about...

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