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Taking a Break

A Fresh Cup 4/15 1:07A Mike Gunderloy
Some of you may have noticed that Double Shot made it to the magic 1500 number, and then stopped (or maybe no one noticed, I dunno). Even though that's plenty of link roundup...

Double Shot #1500

A Fresh Cup 4/6 3:29A Mike Gunderloy
Another nice round number in the title there. Sometimes inertia is the key to success. On Ruby - Primarily an argument to keep your implicit dependencies to a minimum, with...

Double Shot #1499

A Fresh Cup 4/3 3:45A Mike Gunderloy
Crystal - A compiled language with a Ruby-flavored syntax. Pixel Perfect 2, Developer Tool Extension Architecture - Some notes on building a developer tool in the current...

Double Shot #1498

A Fresh Cup 4/2 3:27A Mike Gunderloy
Hooray, survived another year of "the day the internet is covered in stupid crap". Eldr - Minimal ruby framework "without all the magic" implemented as a thin layer of gems on...

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