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Double Shot #1527

A Fresh Cup 7/27 12:14A Mike Gunderloy
Build a Minimal Docker Container for Ruby Apps - Working through some of the dependency issues. Introducing the Passenger Library Project - Passenger documentation moves from...

Double Shot #1526

A Fresh Cup 7/20 2:33A Mike Gunderloy
Speed Up Your Rails App by 66% - The Complete Guide to Rails Caching - Lots of good info here, though of course YMMV depending on the application. Getting started with Rails...

Double Shot #1525

A Fresh Cup 7/16 2:44A Mike Gunderloy
Writing Smart Migrations: References, Reversible, and Indexes - A deeper-than-usual look at Rails migrations. Kafka: "git branch" for production streams - Introduction to this...

Double Shot #1524

A Fresh Cup 7/15 12:53A Mike Gunderloy
How Bundler Works: A History of Ruby Dependency Management - How we got to where we are today (which actually works pretty well). Antipattern - Community code reviews for the...

Double Shot #1523

A Fresh Cup 7/14 2:24A Mike Gunderloy
Colorizer - Flexible online tool for working with colors in a whole mess of formats. Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide() { - "A mostly reasonable approach". Provision a Complete...

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