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Double Shot #1338

A Fresh Cup

This Week in Rails - Weekly newsletter tracking the progress of the Rails source code. xkpasswd - Online secure password generator that uses the algorithm popularized by xkcd....

Double Shot #1337

A Fresh Cup

Github Cheat Sheet - All sorts of tips and tricks for using Git and GitHub, along with links to more resources. A Quick Guide to Sublime Text - Various bits of useful...

Double Shot #1336

A Fresh Cup

Learn CSS Layout - An online tutorial. Ruby's OptionParser Is All You Need - Using the built-in code instead of a gem when you need to build command line apps. Localtunnel -...

Double Shot #1335

A Fresh Cup

Introducing Hound - Service to automatically nag you about Ruby style guide violations in your GitHub commits. Heartbleed should bleed X.509 to death - Great rant about the...

Double Shot #1334

A Fresh Cup

NGINX and the Heartbleed Vulnerability - More mitigation information. Introducing BeepManager - Pingdom has brought a new set of incident management tools online. The Fifth...

Double Shot #1333

A Fresh Cup

Ruby 2.1 Garbage Collection: ready for production - A look at the internals of ruby GC, some of the cases where it fails, and what you can do about it. How to Build a Ruby Gem...

Double Shot #1332

A Fresh Cup

Rails 4.1.0: Spring, Variants, Enums, Mailer previews, secrets.yml - Yep, it's released. More than the particular features, I most like the smooth upgrade from 4.0 and the new...

Double Shot #1331

A Fresh Cup

web-repl - Javascript REPL that runs in ruby. Removing Sass Duplication Using Sass Maps - Yes, you can DRY up your CSS as well as your code. Comic Neue - Not sure we really...

Double Shot #1330

A Fresh Cup

GitBook - "Build beautiful programming books and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown." Codesake::Dawn v1.1.0 released - New major build of this security scanner for ruby...

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