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Double Shot #1401

A Fresh Cup

The Complete iOS 7 Course - Used to be $499, now free. Of course they'd still like to sell you an iOS 8/Swift course. scraperjs - A Javascript web scraper. Rails 4.0.9 and...

Double Shot #1400

A Fresh Cup

Epic Privacy Browser - Chromium-based browser that tries to stop web sites from tracking you, ever. RMagick - A fork that seems to be getting traction in trying to sort out...

Double Shot #1399

A Fresh Cup

Guacamole - "Clientless remote desktop gateway" supporting VNC and RDP via HTML5. Pico - A "stupidly simple & blazing fast, flat file CMS" for those easy web sites using...

Double Shot #1398

A Fresh Cup

Why yes, I am taking a look at Docker lately. Always something new to learn... Quay - "Secure hosting for private Docker repositories". Tutum - Another host for Docker...

Double Shot #1397

A Fresh Cup

How to keep track of Rails rake tasks - That is, of tasks that you need everyone on your team to run. See also the migrake gem. Rails Degenerate Front-End Support - A plea for...

Double Shot #1396

A Fresh Cup

MooseX - A New Ruby DSL - Declarative object oriented programming for Ruby, ported from Perl. The Legal Stuff - RubyGems is (as always) looking for more help. If you depend on...

Double Shot #1395

A Fresh Cup

Write maintainable JavaScript/CoffeeScript in Rails - Some tips on organizing the usual mess. Representable 2.0 With Better Inheritance, Filters and Automatic Collections - An...

Double Shot #1394

A Fresh Cup

Time to catch up a bit... A Survival Guide for Legacy Rails Apps - How to get started on improving inherited code. Terraform - Infrastructure as Code across multiple...

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