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Double Shot #1703

A Fresh Cup 6/23 2:19A Mike Gunderloy
Behavior Changes in Ruby 2.4 - A look at how some of the coming tweaks might affect existing code. Rails 5.0.0.rc2 - New Rails is getting close. Otto: The Next Generation of...

Job Search

A Fresh Cup 6/22 12:14P Mike Gunderloy
I'm looking for a new job. On the loose as of July 17. I'd love to hit the ground running on something new that day. The question is, what? I've been thinking about that some,...

Double Shot #1702

A Fresh Cup 6/22 12:55A Mike Gunderloy
Ruby 2.4.0-preview1 Released - Looks like some fairly substantial changes, including better Unicode support. Comma Separated JSON - Yet another data interchange format, this...

Double Shot #1701

A Fresh Cup 6/20 11:54P Mike Gunderloy
How to Create Custom Authentication Strategies with Devise and Warden - Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater just because you have unusual authentication requirements....

Double Shot #1700

A Fresh Cup 6/20 12:09A Mike Gunderloy
As I look for a new job, I think I'm most interested in getting back to pure web work. Remote is a must. Rails is where my best skills are, but I'd like to move into something...

Double Shot #1699

A Fresh Cup 6/16 2:33A Mike Gunderloy
Looks like I'm back on the job market again. If you've been reading Double Shot for a while, you know the sort of things I've been poking at lately. But like most experienced...

Double Shot #1698

A Fresh Cup 6/15 5:01A Mike Gunderloy
I thought about linking to one of the "screw you, Apple" articles that have come out since the WWDC thing, but they won't convince anyone who's not already had it with Apple....

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