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Double Shot #1876

A Fresh Cup 6/27 12:15A Mike Gunderloy
Is group chat making you sweat? - Jason Fried reflects on a decade of experience with Campfire. And yes, I've seen group chats grind a group down to nothing. Faster Rails:...

Double Shot #1875

A Fresh Cup 6/25 11:41P Mike Gunderloy
Caffeine: Livecode the Web - Smalltalk style development tools integrated into the web browser. Server-side Rendering - How to build a React page on the server before sending...

Double Shot #1874

A Fresh Cup 6/22 12:52A Mike Gunderloy
decaffeinate - A tool to convert CoffeeScript to modern JavaScript, now that JS has what CS brought to the table. Introducing Object Storage - Looks like Digital Ocean is...

Double Shot #1873

A Fresh Cup 6/21 12:20A Mike Gunderloy
Gatsby's first beta release - A static site generator for React.js. Comes with lots of plugins available and mobile support. Monitoring Build Times: Maintaining our fast...

Double Shot #1872

A Fresh Cup 6/20 12:23A Mike Gunderloy
Share Your Experiences with Imposter Syndrome - Blog post with a growing comment thread. Your chance to contribute to a conference talk on the subject (or just discover again...

Double Shot #1871

A Fresh Cup 6/19 12:03A Mike Gunderloy
I'm at Girl Scout camp for the next two weeks. However, that doesn't mean I'm completely unavailable -- and I'm still job-hunting. So please, if you have work for a flexible...

Double Shot #1870

A Fresh Cup 6/16 12:54A Mike Gunderloy
The future of Ruby Toolbox - The server hosting this vital site crashed last week. The data is back online, but so is this discussion of what to do next. A good chance for the...

Double Shot #1869

A Fresh Cup 6/14 11:06P Mike Gunderloy
Introduction to Scala for Rubyists - With easy onramps writing ruby-style code in Scala. aws-daleks - Iterate and get rid of AWS resources. Or, as the code says, exterminate...

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