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Double Shot #1449

A Fresh Cup

fake2db - Build an entire database filled with plausible fake data with one command. Announcing the Launch of iOS and Android Support on CircleCI - News from the CI service I...

Double Shot #1448

A Fresh Cup

Rails 4.2.0.rc3 has been released! - A few days ago, actually. Cold weather slows me down. You Don't Need jQuery! - How to do some things with pure JS. Working Effectively...

Double Shot #1447

A Fresh Cup

Announcing RubyMotion 3.0: Android Platform, WatchKit Apps, and More - Fresh goodies for people who want to write apps using Ruby. Refile - "Refile is an attempt by...

Double Shot #1446

A Fresh Cup

Couscous - Static site builder aimed specifically at pushing versioned Markdown documentation to GitHub pages. Skeleton - Simple responsive CSS boilerplate just to get a new...

Double Shot #1445

A Fresh Cup

Seagull - Web UI to monitor your Docker stuff. Docker extensions: the new Docker plugin model - Some notes as to how the Docker ecosystem is evolving. Why did Koding move away...

Double Shot #1444

A Fresh Cup

Write the Docs - A site focused on the art and practice of writing software documentation. Simple, free continuous integration (CI) of Rails Docker images using fig, make, and...

Double Shot #1443

A Fresh Cup

MacGap - Build native OS X applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Fossil - One of the lesser-known distributed SCM systems. X Ray Machine - Logging and profiling for...

Double Shot #1442

A Fresh Cup

PSequel - Free PostgreSQL GUI for OS X. Not as flexible as, say, Navicat but a heck of a lot cheaper. Caravan: Ruby API Versioning & Enforcement - A sample implementation of a...

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