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Double Shot #1724

A Fresh Cup 8/22 2:38A Mike Gunderloy
Writing Less Damn Code - In this case, writing less damn CSS, but a good idea in general. Maintainers Wanted - A collection of open source projects looking for new lead...

Double Shot #1723

A Fresh Cup 8/18 11:56P Mike Gunderloy
Testing Rails Applications : Overview and rules of thumb from one developer's system. Vocabula computatralia - All the Latin you need to know to discuss computers. Baqend -...

Double Shot #1722

A Fresh Cup 8/17 3:22A Mike Gunderloy
NoSQL Databases: a Survey and Decision Guidance - I'm going to go back to just writing things on paper. Good overview of the NoSQL landscape, though. Oprah - "Opinionated...

Double Shot #1721

A Fresh Cup 8/15 5:47A Mike Gunderloy
Rails,, and have been released! With some fairly significant security fixes, especially for 4.2 and 5.0. Emittr - General purpose event emitter &...

Double Shot #1720

A Fresh Cup 8/11 12:45A Mike Gunderloy
Kids can now learn to code with Pocky, the delicious Japanese snack - And then when they eat their source code, you must buy them more Pocky. Apparently this is not a joke....

Double Shot #1719

A Fresh Cup 8/9 11:56P Mike Gunderloy
Elixir in the Trenches - Another report on experience from a Ruby team making the switch. How to Become a Better Pair Programmer - Part Three - More thoughts on topics such as...

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