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Double Shot #1426

A Fresh Cup

RailsScript - Rails-centric framework for writing CoffeeScript that knows about things like the Asset Pipeline, TurboLinks, and Rails controller names. Is Docker Ready for...

Double Shot #1425

A Fresh Cup

CVE-2014-8080: Denial Of Service XML Expansion - A Ruby vulnerability serious enough that there are new versions of 1.9.3, 2.0.0, and 2.1 today. Install 'em soon. Pixel...

Double Shot #1424

A Fresh Cup

Docker 1.3 - Lots of yummy new features in the latest release, including enhanced security, process injection, and (at last!) sharing folders on OS X. Introducing Payola - A...

Double Shot #1423

A Fresh Cup

Yep, I'm still out here. Just juggling way too many things these days. I'll post when I can, and perhaps you'll still find useful links now and then. PostgreSQL 9.4 Beta 3...

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