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Double Shot #1758

A Fresh Cup 10/21 12:04A Mike Gunderloy
i18n_yaml_sorter - This came in handy when I had a couple of big YAML files to neaten up. It's aimed at Rails internationalization but certainly not limited to that use case....

Double Shot #1757

A Fresh Cup 10/19 11:59P Mike Gunderloy
HawkPost - Steps towards secure encrypted uploads to a self-hosted server. Hotfix Your Ubuntu Kernels with the Canonical Livepatch Service! - The ops guys I know are excited...

Double Shot #1756

A Fresh Cup 10/19 12:29A Mike Gunderloy
Errdo - Embed an error tracker directly in your Rails application. Marathono - GUI tool for managing long-running processes in MacOS 10.10+. Exploring CLI Best Practices -...

Double Shot #1755

A Fresh Cup 10/13 12:35A Mike Gunderloy
bitwarden - Free, open-source password manager. Resinos - Run docker containers on embedded devices. Useful if you want to save money on your company's server infrastructure...

Double Shot #1754

A Fresh Cup 10/11 11:58P Mike Gunderloy
Sublimerge 3 - Commercial diff/merge tool that runs directly inside of Sublime Text 3. glean - 5x10 pixel programming font, for the times when you want to cram a lot of code...

Double Shot #1753

A Fresh Cup 10/10 11:42P Mike Gunderloy
Git the Princess! - How to save the princess in 8 programming languages. A comic from Toggl. TaskJuggler - Project management via structured text files that can be rendered...

Double Shot #1752

A Fresh Cup 10/10 1:49A Mike Gunderloy
Botstack - Facebook chatbot development with Ruby on Rails. Why I hate iOS as a developer - This one sums up pretty much all of the reasons I walked away from iOS development...

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