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Double Shot #1692

A Fresh Cup 5/25 11:28P Mike Gunderloy
Postings are going to be spotty for the next month or so. I've got a lot of summer camp time coming up. fake_stripe - Test Stripe code without hitting Stripe's servers. jQuery...

Double Shot #1691

A Fresh Cup 5/25 1:30A Mike Gunderloy
My time with Rails is up - Another experienced developer gets fed up with the Rails way. There are some good points in here. Hanami - Ruby framework promising simplicity,...

Double Shot #1690

A Fresh Cup 5/23 9:39P Mike Gunderloy
CSS coding techniques - A primer from Mozilla. Good reading if you've never taken the time to get an overview but have just dived into SASS or Bootstrap. What happens when......

Double Shot #1689

A Fresh Cup 5/23 1:23A Mike Gunderloy
Shrine 2.0 Released - The latest take on Ruby file uploading libraries, complete with migration guides from CarrierWave Paperclip, or Refile. A Content Security Policy (CSP)...

Double Shot #1688

A Fresh Cup 5/20 12:57A Mike Gunderloy - Way easier comparisons of the myriad of EC2 types than you can do on Amazon's own site. Domain Events over Active Record Callbacks - An argument that...

Double Shot #1687

A Fresh Cup 5/18 12:48A Mike Gunderloy
Cronally - Cron jobs for AWS as a service. BrainRuby - Write any ruby program using only $# {}/+`" Procs and Lambdas: Closures in Ruby - A walk through some of the things you...

Double Shot #1686

A Fresh Cup 5/16 10:50P Mike Gunderloy
Firefox v46+ Security Hardening + Some Tweaks - Things you can do to lock down your Firefox. Electron 1.0 is here - The cross-platform base for the Atom editor reaches a...

Double Shot #1685

A Fresh Cup 5/16 2:24A Mike Gunderloy
How to Center in CSS - Automatically generate working code for a variety of situations. Google Compute Engine Container-VM Image and Build a Docker Image, push it to AWS EC2...

Double Shot #1684

A Fresh Cup 5/13 4:00A Mike Gunderloy
Active Record Doctor - Automate checks for some common issues in setting up ActiveRecord. Rails 5?—?ActiveRecord Suppress?—?a step too far? - An argument against one of the...

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