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Double Shot #1466

A Fresh Cup 1/30 3:09A Mike Gunderloy
If you're looking for a senior Rails or junior Erlang developer, Dana Jones is looking for her next position. Pronto - Automated code analysis tool that you can use with...

Double Shot #1465

A Fresh Cup 1/29 1:44A Mike Gunderloy
Rapp - Scaffolding generator for command-line ruby applications. Monitor Docker Containers with Prometheus - A quick introduction to the new monitoring system developed by...

Double Shot #1464

A Fresh Cup 1/27 3:38A Mike Gunderloy
Organizing microservices in a single git repository - Some thoughts on how to manage the additional complexity. Kleisli - "Usable, idiomatic common monads in Ruby," just in...

Double Shot #1463

A Fresh Cup 1/26 2:12A Mike Gunderloy
Clearwater, a Front-End Web Framework in Ruby - A new alternative that might grow into something big. Or not. But if you'd rather write Ruby than JavaScript it's worth a look....

Double Shot #1462

A Fresh Cup 1/21 12:35A Mike Gunderloy
Formstone - A collection of responsive jQuery widgets. Announcing - A plan to benchmark the evolution of MRI continuously to prevent regressions. Some nice...

Double Shot #1461

A Fresh Cup 1/19 12:49A Mike Gunderloy
Fuse - Cross-platform development environment that enables writing Android and iOS apps in a C# dialect. Hover.css - All sorts of CSS3-powered hover effects to make your pages...

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