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Double Shot #1642

A Fresh Cup 2/9 1:03A Mike Gunderloy
Matrix - "An open standard for decentralised persistent communication", offering a variety of clients for group chats and bridges to other services including IRC and XMPP. I...

Double Shot #1641

A Fresh Cup 2/8 12:44A Mike Gunderloy
git-blame-someone-else - Fun with the git API. The Wrong Abstraction - As Sandi Metz points out, sometimes duplication really is the answer. ElasticBeanstalk - Gem and rake...

Double Shot #1640

A Fresh Cup 2/5 12:06A Mike Gunderloy
Learn Enough Git to be Dangerous - New ebook from Michael Hartl. The Sad State of Web Development - Mostly a rant about the problems with node.js overengineering. Typeplate -...

Double Shot #1639

A Fresh Cup 2/4 12:05A Mike Gunderloy
NPM Addict - A daily dose of new npm packages. Scientist: Measure Twice, Cut Over Once - Tool from GitHub to help swap complex code out without changing the behavior of the...

Double Shot #1638

A Fresh Cup 2/3 12:51A Mike Gunderloy
p> Rails 5.0.0.beta2: Slashed Action Cable dependencies, fixes galore - With a planned February 23 release date, Rails 5.0 is coming fast. Rails tip – Grouping ActiveRecord...

Double Shot #1637

A Fresh Cup 2/2 12:57A Mike Gunderloy
Ruby Debugging Magic Cheat Sheet - Lots of stuff you can do to help figure out what's going on in complicated Ruby code. TheSweet Angular 1.x Playground - Learn how to use...

Double Shot #1636

A Fresh Cup 2/1 12:02A Mike Gunderloy
B ootstrap Studio - Commercial design tool for Bootstrap sites. There's also Pingendo , which is a free alternative. Is It Time for Swift? - I certainly hope not. Learning a...

Double Shot #1635

A Fresh Cup 1/29 12:17A Mike Gunderloy
Run bundler-audit Regularly on Your Rails Apps with Rake - By adding it to your default Rake task. Flammarion - Simple GUI toolkit for Ruby scripts. Chris Seaton on Massively...

Double Shot #1634

A Fresh Cup 1/28 1:28A Mike Gunderloy
OneOps - Open-source cloud management product from WalMart, of all darned people. Finding iOS Memory Leaks with XCode's Instruments - Xcode is one of the worst development...

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