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Double Shot #1779

A Fresh Cup 12/1 11:38P Mike Gunderloy
Oversight - Another useful tool for the mildly paranoid Mac owner (you're not really paranoid, the malware IS out to get you!). Webinspector - Rubygem to scrape image URLs,...

Double Shot #1778

A Fresh Cup 12/1 12:07A Mike Gunderloy
Introduction to generating JSON using PostgreSQL - Let the database do it! Webhooks do's & dont's: what we learned after integrating +100 APIs : Advice from the folks behind...

Double Shot #1777

A Fresh Cup 11/29 9:15P Mike Gunderloy
DNS Leak Test - See whether your ISP is hijacking your DNS queries. - Visual/animated guide to CSS properties. Say Hello to CircleCI 2.0 - Updates coming to...

Double Shot #1776

A Fresh Cup 11/28 11:58P Mike Gunderloy
Feels like I should declare independence from something. Maybe macOS. Zeal - Offline documentation browser for software developers. Like Dash, but cross-platform. macOS...

Double Shot #1775

A Fresh Cup 11/25 12:08A Mike Gunderloy
Happy Turkey Day, y'all Spamnesty: Waste spammers' time - Have some fun by letting a bot engage spammers on your behalf. Ruby 2.3.3 Released - With some fairly important gems...

Double Shot #1774

A Fresh Cup 11/22 11:04P Mike Gunderloy
Rodauth - Full-featured authentication and account management framework for rack applications (not just Rails) NIST's new password rules - what you need to know - A large part...

Double Shot #1773

A Fresh Cup 11/21 11:28P Mike Gunderloy
Rails SQL Injection - Lots of things you should not do with Active Record. DIY Kunernetes Cluster with x86 stick-pcs - I'm desperately trying to resist building this....

Double Shot #1772

A Fresh Cup 11/20 11:20P Mike Gunderloy
Sublime Gem Browser - If you use ST2/3 and Bundler, this plugin will let you pop open the source code for any gem in your current project directly. SQL Server v.Next Public...

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