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Double Shot #1507

A Fresh Cup 5/22 3:41A Mike Gunderloy
Solved by Flexbox - If you haven't been keeping up with bleeding-edge CSS, this is worth a look. Easy vertical centering at last (among other goodies). Blog Post Driven...

Double Shot #1506

A Fresh Cup 5/21 2:34A Mike Gunderloy
Oga 1.0 Released - A new XML/HTML parser for Ruby, with instructions for migrating from Nokogiri.

Double Shot #1505

A Fresh Cup 5/20 2:33A Mike Gunderloy
Phusion Passenger 5.0.8: new Debian packages, Red Hat packages, bug fixes - Installing Passenger on Red Hat or CentOS just got a whole lot easier. The Logjam Attack -...

Double Shot #1504

A Fresh Cup 5/19 1:41A Mike Gunderloy
The bunny theory of code : I think this analogy can be extended. Not only does code tend to multiply, it also craps all over your carpet if you don't treat it like a wild...

Double Shot #1503

A Fresh Cup 5/17 11:57P Mike Gunderloy
Ruby on Windows Guides - If you must use Windows, this will get you started. Howitzer - Flexible test framework to generate the structure of acceptance tests for an...

Double Shot #1502

A Fresh Cup 5/15 1:55A Mike Gunderloy
The Failure of Agile - One of the original Agile Manifesto signers pronounces it a meaningless mess - and proposes a new structured system to replace it. Personally, I still...

Double Shot #1501

A Fresh Cup 5/14 3:09A Mike Gunderloy
Thanks for all the kind words, folks. No promises, but there's just too much good stuff out there on the interwebs not to post some of it now and then. The Value of...

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