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Double Shot #1794

A Fresh Cup 1/20 3:15A Mike Gunderloy
Ruby's Mysterious Triple Equals Operator, a.k.a. Case Equality Operator - This is the sort of language feature that encourages me to use other language features instead. How...

Double Shot #1793

A Fresh Cup 1/18 12:03A Mike Gunderloy
ActiveRecord SQL Server Adapter - For Rails 5 and SQL Server 2012 and up, including the new Linux builds. Passenger 5.1: a new milestone in robustness, security and efficiency...

Double Shot #1792

A Fresh Cup 1/15 11:44P Mike Gunderloy
Schemadoc - Convert a database schema into a nice-looking static site. What Can Daru Do For You? - It can help you with data analysis in ruby, that's what. Mastering Bash and...

Double Shot #1791

A Fresh Cup 1/10 12:44A Mike Gunderloy
State of the 2017 Rails Stack - The latest numbers from Scout about usage trends. From OSX to Ubuntu - Notes from a developer who made the switch. Welcome the new Ubuntu-based...

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